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First Aid Response (Old Occupational First Aid, OFA)

The First Aid Responce course is a PHECC course and recognised by the Health and Safety Authority as the only legally recognised course.

There is a requirement on employers to risk assess the need for have staff qualified in First Aid Responce under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.
It is a 3 day course which is examined by an external instructor.

This course taught by Slán Sábháilte includes the IHF Heartsaver AED and PHECC CFR courses.
This course is appropriate for those who need first aid for their work place or those needing a recognised certificate in First Aid. 

Certified: PHECC First Aid Responce cert & HSA approved (valid for 2 years)
Course Duration: 24 Hours.

Participants: max number of participants 6 per instructor as per PHECC guidlines
Recertificaion: 2 days every 2 years

Course content: 

  • Patient Assessment (conscious and unconscious)
  • CPR & Defibrillator Training
  • Trauma
  • - Fractures
    - Bleeding
    - Burns
  • Medical
  • - Cardiac
    - Stroke
    - Epilepsy, Diabetes and Asthma

First Aid Responce recertification

Keep your First Aid Responce qualification up to date. You must attend a 2 day refresher course every 2 years to keep First Aid Responce certification valid.

Certified: Slán Sábháilte (valid for 2 years)
Course Duration: 2 day, max number of participants 6 per instructor as per PHECC guidlines
Course content: As per above

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