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'Know Your Code' is a safety sign for the home, workplace, outbuildings or fields which show a postcode or safety location code.

This is easily readable in an emergency when required to call the Emergency Services (Ambulance Service). The 'Know Your Code' is a 'safety location sign' can be either the Eircode (where a building receives post) or Loc8ion code which can be used for large buildings, additional building on a site (such as farms and industrial and sports fields but much more). Reduce delays on activating the emergency services by having the safety code to hand. Remember you may not be in your own home when needing an ambulance. 

Why display a ‘Know Your Code’ Sign?

  • Do you know the location code (Eircode or Loc8) of your emergency?
  • Will you and your visitors be able to find the code easily in an emergency?
  • Would your babysitter or career know your Eircode?
  • The worse the emergency the more people panic, the more the panic the more difficult it is to remember; directions to your address, Eircode or to find your Eircode.
  • Help emergency services find you faster.
  • The Ambulance Call Centre can advise the Paramedic crew of your exact location if you know your ‘Eircode’ or ‘Loc8 Code’.
  • Reduce confusion about the address of the emergency by using one of the two safety location codes

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