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Know more about AED's (Automatic/Advisory External Defibrillator). Slán Sábháilte does not sell AED's and so can give independent advice. 

Some questions before you buy:

How long will the battery last?

(2-7 years)

How long will the pads last?

(2-5 years)

How long is the warranty?

(5-10 years)

Does it give CPR feedback or coaching?

(feedback advise of the quality of CPR (live) Coaching gives

prompt of how you should do CPR) Feedback is superior.

Can data be easily downloaded after an event?

USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, designated cable.

Before you buy:

  • Ensure there are two sets of adult pads
  • Consider one set of child pads. 
  • CPR kit: Mask, razor, towel, shears

The FDA in America has a new approved list of AED's/Defibrillators. Some of these which we would recommend are listed below. A link to the full list here:

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